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Continuum of Program Options

Continuum of Program Options
The District operates programs appropriate to the instructional needs of students and meets all state and federal guidelines. The following, or any combination of the following special education or related services placement are available to identified students as specified in the IEP for each student. Placement shall ensure that students with disabilities are educated with non-disabled students to the maximum extend appropriate to their needs.
General Education Classroom
Student is in a general education classroom. All instruction and services may be provided within the general education classroom for any portion of the day.
Resource Specialist (RSP)
Student in in a general education classroom and receives specialized or supplementary services from a resource teacher. This can be done on a pull-out basis or integrated into his/her classroom
Special Day Class - Non Severely Disabled (NSD)
Students in this program are generally working on the same curriculum as general education students, but may need a more intensive remediation and access to a smaller group setting and perhaps special materials or techniques.  The goal is to remediate the academic problem and return the student to an RSP program if/when ready.
Special Day Class - Severely Disabled (SD)
Students in this program largely have significant cognitive delays in addition to other disabilities to the extend that these students may require instruction in life skills or independent living skills. They may have difficulty in performing in a regular school setting, or in alternative less-intensive special education program.
Home Instruction
Service is limited to students who have been idenfied as individuals with exceptional needs but are unable to participate in a school setting.
Non-Public School
Services are available to identified special education students only if no appropriate public  school is available. Depending on the need, student may be eligible for a day only program or a residentail placement.