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Q & A About the LCAP



Local Accountability Plan 2017-20  Parent Questions

Next year when we implement the LCAP actions, is there an order of priority for the actions?

  • The Local Accountability Plan of actions for 2017-20 will be implemented starting July 1st 2017.


What are the opportunities for students to pursue career pathways?

Students in Rowland Unified have the opportunity to access eight career pathways. The eight pathways are:

  • Arts/Media/Entertainment
  • Computer Science
  • Education and Child Development
  • Engineering/Construction/Transportation
  • Finance and Marketing
  • Health Science/Medical Technology
  • Hospitality
  • Public Services

In these pathways, the majority of the classes offered are UC A-G approved.

As part of the district graduation requirement, every student is required to take 20 units in a career pathway that is sequenced. If a student desires to attain certification in a pathway way, the student must take 5 courses in a pathway, which includes Senior Seminar.

For more information on the district Career Pathways, go to: http:/


Why is Hollingworth the only school implementing AVID elementary? Elementary schools are implementing several college preparedness/readiness programs such as “No Excuses University” among others.