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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers are below.  The Parent Hotline is (626)854-8549 and is open Monday - Friday 8 AM to 4:30 PM and is answering questions as quickly as possible. You can also call our Switchboard Operator at (626)965-2541.




Has the start date for the 2020-2021 school year changed?

No. The opening of the school year is on August 10.

For the opening of the 2020-2021 school year, all students will be in 100% Virtual Classroom Model at this time, even if you chose your preferred Blended Learning. To learn more about the Distance Learning/Virtual Classroom Model?

The link is here: Distance Learning/Virtual Classroom


I am new to the Rowland Unified School District -- how do I enroll for the 2020-2021 school year?

Registration can be completed by following the procedures on the website. Please enroll online at or call our Student Services Office at 626-935-8284 for assistance.

How do I find my Student ID # for my Incoming Kindergartener? 

Incoming TK/Kindergarten parents please call the Parent Hotline at (626)854-8549 so we can assist you with your learning preference. This delay will not impact the ability for you to have the learning option of your preference or to keep your siblings on the same schedule if you wish.

Where can I find a copy of the Parent Meeting PowerPoint presentation?

Click here to view copies of the Parent Presentations in English, Spanish and Chinese.


Where can I find additional information about the Blended Learning Model?

It is available on our website at and the link is here: Blended Learning


Where can I find additional information about Independent Study?

It is available on our website at and the link is here: Independent Study


Will we be able to opt for full-time distance learning?

Yes, you can select the Virtual Classroom which is full time distance learning.


How do I select the Learning Option for my Child?

You can select your learning option by responding to an email that was sent to you this morning. If you did not yet receive this email, you can go to the District website at and select the School Opening button on the front page. This will take you to all of the information about opening for 2020-2021 including clicking on the button “Select An Option” for your learning preference.


How do I find child’s 10 Digit Student ID#?

In order for parents to select their learning option for their child for the 2020-2021 school year, they will need the Student ID number assigned to their child. This number can be found on a report card, a student ID card or in the Homelink Parent Portal. Click Here for directions on how to access this information from the Homelink Parent Portal. You can also contact our Parent Hotline and they can assist you at (626)854-8549.


What if I don’t have a computer or Internet, how can I select my Learning Option?

If you can’t access our website and click on the School Opening button, please contact our Parent Hotline at (626)854-8549 and we can assist.


Once I make a selection regarding the Learning Option for my child, can I change my mind later on?

At this time, we are asking for parents to provide their preference for the full year. We will be reassigning staff and creating classes for both the Blended Learning and Virtual Classroom models that are intended to be in place for the full year.


We also know that this is a new and unique situation and we are working to reimagine many aspects of our daily lives. Should there be a unique situation that may necessitate a change, while it may not be able to happen, we will do our best to accommodate.


I made my Learning Model Selection, but we have changed our mind. Who can I contact to change my decision now before school starts?

You may call our Parent Hotline (626)854-8549 between 8 AM to 4:30 PM Monday - Friday.


How many students will be in each classroom?

Due to the variance in classroom sizes the number of students will differ from room to room.  Classes will be reduced or split to approximately half of the students typcially present to allow for social distancing, in general there will be approximately 13-16 students in a classroom.


Will siblings be kept together on the same schedule/learning option?

Yes, it is our intent to keep siblings on the same schedule if they attend the same school.


If a blended learning model is chosen, how are students selected for the specific two days of attendance?


For the Blended Learning model, we are finalizing our plans for student placement to be either random or alphabetical to allow siblings to stay together more easily. However, regardless of the way students are assigned, we understand that parents may have a preference due to work schedules or other needs and we will accommodate those requests to the best of our ability.


Is the same teacher responsible for the 2 days of in class instruction plus the 2 days of remote instruction in the blended learning model? Is the same teacher also responsible for independent study?

In the Blended Learning option, students have only one teacher. The teacher will provide in-person, in class lessons and asynchronous assignments for at home. We are still finalizing the learning model specifics which we hope to have completed soon.


Are remote meeting apps (zoom, Facetime, etc.) considered "face to face" or is that strictly physically in person?

“In-person” instruction is defined as students being in school physically to receive instruction from their teacher.  The use of Zoom and other apps can and will be used to supplement instruction when students are not physically at school and are learning from home. Remote apps are not considered "In person."


Do you plan on opening the year with level 2 blended learning/in-classroom and distance learning?

According to the guidance by the CDE, schools and districts are expected to provide as much "in-person" instruction as possible while following health recommendations. While things can change at any time, RUSD is planning to reopen schools offering students a blended learning model where they can participate in "in-person" instruction at school on some days and continue with distance learning the remaining time.


Were parents asked for input when planning these Learning Models?

Parent input and feedback has been solicited and is being considered.  Parent representatives were invited to participate in a dialogue around the different instructional models for elementary and secondary, which included parent groups such as the Superintendent Parent Council, DLAC, SSC.


How can we help supplement our child’s education, what resources are available?

There are a variety of online resources that students can use to support their learning. The Los Angeles County Office of Education has a list of those resources that can be accessed through the following link: In addition, RUSD has applications that are available on clever for TK-12 students.


I received a "report of health examination for school entry." Will this document be waived or will I need to take my child to the doctor in order for her to return to school?

This document is for the first grade physical. It is usually included in the Kindergarten packet to give parents a whole year to get the physical. It is due to the school in October the following year when the child is then in the first grade. If you have more questions please email our lead Nurse at


Does the smaller size class mean separate school time for different groups of students?

Yes. In order to accommodate the number of students to appropriately social distance, not all students can be at school at the same time. This will require for some students to be in class, while others are learning from home.




Will homework be with regular textbooks?

Homework can be assigned from multiple sources, which include adopted textbooks, supplementary instructional materials, and digital resources. This can vary according to the class and grade level.




What safety guidelines will you be following?

We will continue to follow the latest safety guidelines from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health that include: practicing physical distancing, frequent handwashing and the use of hand sanitizers with alcohol, face coverings, no sharing of materials, reducing the amount of students congregating in one area and encouraging open free play.  The plans we are developing are flexible with the ability to respond to any new updates or changes as they may occur.


If health restrictions are lifted and we select a learning option already. Will students return to school as normal? Or continue to attend the selected learning option for the remainder of the year?

Should all restrictions be lifted and we are able to resume full school as normal/customary we will reevaluate the interest and ability to bring all students back to school full time on the school campus.


Will your sanitizer be the alcohol based now?

Yes, new purchased hand sanitizer is alcohol based now.


How will the district support COVID-19 testing at district level so families and communities can access during this reopening for 2020-2021?

In our most recent conversation with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, they are not supporting the establishment of testing centers on school campuses. They have developed partnerships with several businesses, such as CVS, to serve as testing centers and are asking organizations to refer staff and students to personal doctors or testing centers. The website for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has testing information and locations on their website for community members to make an appointment for testing. You can call the County Information Line 211.


Will my child be required to wear a face mask? 

We will continue to follow the guidance of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health which is currently requiring students and staff to wear a face mask/covering while on campus.

If students arrive at school without a face mask, one will be provided.


What if my child has an existing health condition??

Students who have underlying health conditions will have the option of online learning or the blended model. It may be helpful to consult with your physician to discuss the best option for your child.


What if a child is asymptomatic? What if an adult is asymptomatic? How do they get screened?

We will follow the guidelines that are set forth by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. Unfortunately, from what is being learned about this virus, there is no screening to detect asymptomatic individuals. We will be completing symptom screening but to your question, if a person is asymptomatic illness would not be detected in this process.


How would you prove symptom checking from home to avoid parents from still sending sick children to school?

Your concern is understandable. As we await specific direction from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health  regarding the symptom checking procedures they recommend, we are prepared to do symptom checking as recommended.


How will mental health be addressed? What support will extroverts have? What phase will sports be allowed?

RUSD has a team of mental health experts that includes Psychologists, Mental Health Specialists, Behavior Specialists, and Behavior Support Assistants. The team has been working with teachers and administrators identifying and supporting those in need and will be working closely with teachers and students next year in the blended model as well as the full online model.


In the event of someone testing positive that has been on campus, what are your procedures for that?

Positive cases of COVID-19 are reported to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and direction is given from the LA County Department of Public Health as to the next steps taken. All confidentiality requirements are followed by staff.




Is lunch going to be provided? 

Yes.  The schedule and delivery method of meal service will vary based on the learning schedule and state and federal requirements.


How will cafeterias operate?

Based on the direction that the district takes in regard to the method of instruction, Nutrition Services will adjust their operations and take measures to ensure safety for students and staff; we will continue to have the opportunity for students to participate in breakfast and lunch each day that school is in session.


How will you enforce social distancing during lunch and recess?

Students will continue to have nutrition/recess. The times will be staggered to allow for social distancing. At the elementary level, recesses and breaks will follow social distancing guidelines.


How is the staffing being handled for outside supervision for lunch, recess, nutrition, passing periods, etc. with the social distancing requirements?

We intend to use existing staff and increase the number of staff available outside at recess to assist with physical distancing.




Will childcare be available?

We are working with our partner agencies regarding childcare.  However, as they too must operate according to similar guidelines, spaces may be limited and parents will need to contact these agencies directly.


Will the Options program be available for parents that both work full time?

We will continue to work with our partner agencies but there will be limited space due to social-distancing and other requirements.




Will there be sports and extracurricular activities for the high school students?

RUSD is still reviewing recommendations and guidelines set forth by county and state health officials, as well as those provided by CIF to plan for outdoor physical activities and participation in sports.  Information will be shared as soon as it is available.


Are there going to be PE and music classes?

At the elementary level, all music and PE classes will be through the distant learning model. Both Music and PE teachers will conduct their lessons Synchronous and Asnchronous for students when they are not "in-person" learning.  At the secondary level, we are planning on offering PE and music classes, which will require modifications to the way these are taught.  Those modifications are still being examined in order to provide a setting that meets the guidelines and recommendations of state and county health officials.


What about CAR hours?

As we did for the class of 2020, we will evaluate the ability to complete CAR hours starting with our seniors. No student will be subject to not graduating if unable to complete CAR hours as a result of the pandemic.




What about Special Education students?

The Special Education Department is working closely with the district to ensure that all students with disabilities are offered a Free and Appropriate Education (FAPE) via their IEP’s in line with the models chosen for the re-opening in the Fall of 2020-2021.


How will students with IEP's be supported during a virtual classroom or a classroom setting?

Students with an IEP will be supported by special education staff assigned to the learning option you choose. Our special education department will work closely with the school staff and the family to review the IEP and support the student to achieve the goals established. If you have specific questions about special education, our team will be back in the office the week of July 20 and will be able to work with you with specifics for your child at that time.


Are you still going to provide transportation for students that are in special education classes at a different school than their homeschool?

Yes, students with disabilities will continue to be transported to the school that has the program to meet the needs in their IEP.


I have further questions for the Special Education Department -- how do I reach them?\

Please contact Special Education at (626)935-8210.







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