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Vern Oldham

Senior Server Analyst
Job Duties



·         Installs, configures and maintains District Office and site based business critical servers, including but not limited to servers related to Student Information System, database/application servers, web servers, email servers, proxy servers, caching engines, data warehousing, and other servers necessary to the operation of the District.

o   Spec out servers according to system needs. I.e. HA (High Availability), Memory, CPU, NIC teaming, Storage etc....

o   Physically rack-up and cable servers.

o   Make frequent visits to server room whether a problem is reported or not.

§  Temperature may be high.

§  Hard disk may be failing and an alarm is sounding.

§  Battery in UPS may be dead and alarm is sounding.

§  Environmental hazard such as moisture leak from ceiling or AC unit.

·         Plans for electrical power usage, battery backup, and temperature control.

o   Spec-out  and install all battery backup systems for servers.

o   Monitor power usage and temperature from module in battery backup.

o   Spec-out and request  adequate AC for servers.

·         Provides support, administers and maintains assigned networks, servers, computers and operating system platforms; plans, builds, installs, configures, maintains and repairs a variety of servers, routers, switches, wireless access points, computer lab and staff workstations and other devices.

o   Designed and maintain network security model at district MDF level.

o   Installed, configured, and continue to maintain Network Firewall between Internet uplink and district network.

o   Installed, configured and continue to maintain Internet filter using a passive network topology on mirrored switch ports.

§  Installed, configured and continue to maintain Email filter on network.

§  Installed, configured and continue to maintain Network Analyzer on network.

o   Currently involved in a long project of redistributing IP addressing throughout the district.

§  Need to add new subnet or supernet to existing router as secondary network and IP address.

§  Must determine statically mapped devices on network that need to move to new network.

§  Reconfigure local DHCP server to hand out new network addresses.

§  Remove old subnet or supernet from router.

o   Support and administration for Exchange (Email/Calendaring) system.

§  Security level administration for distribution lists, delegates, and passwords.

§  SPAM and Malware protection administration.

·         Black/White Lists

·         Email threat analysis and prevention

·         Locate compromised systems


·         Maintains administrative control of the domain and maintains security settings and privileges as instructed by the Director of Technology.

o   Designed and continue to maintain Active Directory forest structure and policies.

§  Create and enforce security policies.

·         Password Complexity, Timeout, and Age Policies.

·         Server and Workstation trust relationship policies.

·         User and group access policies.

§  Create and enforce software policies.

·         Enforce required applications (Antivirus, Power Management)

·         Design and manage settings for enforced software.

§  Manage local servers and services.

·         Local AD schema administration.

·         DHCP Administration.

·         DNS Administration.

o   Migrate users interdomain.

§  Users moving from site to site.

§  Migrating child domains (sites) into central domain (district office).

o   Educate users regarding safe practices.

§  Explaining password complexity.

§  Social engineering prevention.

o   Manage DNS, WINS, and Routing interconnectivity.

§  DNS and WINS name resolutions (see 1.c.)

§  Manage and subnet multiple supernets of IP addresses.

§  Configure CISCO IOS routers using command line.


·         Performs routine backup of all District based servers and network equipment configurations, via various mediums, to ensure their availability for recovery.

o   Microsoft Exchange Server

o   Daily backup via Symantec Backup Exec 12

o   Microsoft SQL Server (Aeries Client Server( SIS))

§  SQL Backup 3 times a day.

§  Twice a month all backups compressed onto DROBO SAN.

§  Once a year, 1TB+ of backups are stored in Tech Locker.

§  Once a day, current database backed up onto RUSD-DATA server and subsequently backed up on cloud.  (MozyPro)

o   Microsoft SQL Server (Business)

§  Daily backups to RUSD-DATA backups drive.

§  Cloud replication.

o   Data Shares

§  Daily backup with Symantec Backup Exec  12

§  Continuous cloud backup. (MozyPro)

·         Designs, develops, installs, configures and maintains network operating system software and network infrastructure applications; maintains software installation libraries; monitors directories and domains and audits server logs to identify performance issues and device failures; installs server fixes and service packs to maintain reliability and security.

o   Microsoft SCCM and SUS

§  Approve appropriate Microsoft updates for operating systems and applications.

§  Push out approved updates from central SUS (software update server).

o   Restart Servers during “off hours”.

·         Troubleshoots, diagnoses and resolves server connectivity and performance issues; administers network standards, including naming conventions and address protocols; monitors, analyzes and manages network traffic and other conditions to achieve optimal performance and uptime; analyzes server data to minimize network congestion.

o   Supernet multiple class C ip addresses depending on school needs.

o   Servers all reside on same IP network to reduce router traffic and minimize metric.

·         Configures, installs and administers Windows 2003/2008/2012 based email servers, application servers, DHCP server, Domain Controller, Backup servers and Web servers.

·         Responsible for server administration including design, monitoring, maintenance and application distribution.

·         Designs, installs and administers new security systems and methods; creates and maintains security rights on network resources; maintains and administers the firewall and authentication systems.

o   Installed, configured, and administer Fortigate firewall.

§  Keep tight security on a port and traffic signature level.

§  Give precedence to business critical traffic.

o   Installed, configured, and administer Fortimail Email Filter.

§  Constantly update black/white lists.

§  Find intrusion attempts and block.

o   Installed, configured, and administer FortiAnalyzer traffic analyzer.

o   Installed, configured, and administer Microsoft System Security Configuration Manager.

§  Advertised and pushed out Microsoft ForeFront Antivirus.

·         Monitors for network intrusions and security breaches; implements and enforces the District’s security policy.

o   Continually manage firewall and email filter.

§  Policies on firewall are thoroughly created to the strictest standards.

§  Only basic internet service ports are allowed.

·         Establishes standards, guides others and personally configures, installs, and maintains directory structures, security and applications software.

·         Designs, develops, installs, configures, maintains and troubleshoots the SAN (Storage Area Network), fiber channel switches, fiber channel and SATA drives, fiber channel cables and associated firmware and software; works with storage vendor on major SAN installs, upgrades and troubleshooting problems.