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Nogales High School Takes First Place in Water Education PSA Video Contest

Public Service Announcement (PSA)/Video Contest
Nogales High School, located in the Rowland Water District service area, took FIRST PLACE in the 13th Annual Water Education Water Awareness Committee (WEWAC) Video/PSA Contest. The objective of the contest is to increase awareness of the importance of water in local Southern California high schools through group participation. Additionally, the contest is intended to enhance academic instruction by providing the opportunity for financial support to do creative classroom projects that might not otherwise be possible.
   The criteria used to judge the public service announcement include, "Incorporation of Drinking Water Issues", "Creativity", "Originality", "Informational Content", "Accuracy of Information" and "Production Quality". The awards to the high schools were:
First Place $600.00
Second Place $400.00
Third Place $200.00
Honorable Mention winners that met the eligibility requirements were awarded $50.00 each.
This year the Nogales' PSA will be aired on MTV, NICK, TOON, or similar cable channels and at the Puente Hills Malls AMC Movie Theater.
Congratulations to Faculty Advisor, Mr. Ezekiel Chavez, and to the participants in this year's Video/PSA Contest.
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