What do Newport Bay, historical plays and xylophones have in common?
Answer: the generosity of The Friends of Rowland Unified Schools Foundation.
On Sept. 9, the foundation presented more than $34,000 in grants to 24 teachers in the local district.
The money will be used for everything from field trips to Newport Bay to the purchase of historical dramas and xylophones.
"This is great, the foundation is wonderful for helping teachers pay for extra activities and equipment," said Laura Dent-Hier, who teaches chemistry at Rowland High.
Over the past couple years, the foundation has funded field trips for Dent-Hier's students.
"Students study the ecology of Newport Bay. They really love to be
out in the field, where they can apply their classwork," she said.
Bob Eastwood got $203 to buy four historical skits and plays. He teaches history to fourth-graders at Ybarra Academy in Walnut.
"The kids really get into their parts. They learn history by living it in the plays," Eastwood explained.
The elementary teacher said the young actors become so excited about their historical skits that they often perform them for other students at the academy.
"The foundation has been great about supporting teachers in the district," Eastwood said.
Music teacher Rosanne Forgette is using her grant to buy drums and a xylophone for her students at Hurley Elementary in La Puente.
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