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Nogales Water Polo Student Safe and Recovering

Nogales Water Polo Student Safe and Recovering:

This is to share information in response to news coverage regarding a student at Nogales High School. A water polo player on the team was involved in an incident that required medical attention during the game last night. We are all thankful that the student is safe and recovering. Nogales High School Athletic Director Bruce Alley has learned that a full and complete recovery is expected and the student is now at home. It was absolutely the quick response of his family, teammates, coaches and bystanders who pulled him from the pool quickly that saved his life. *Mr. Alley was interviewed this morning by Channel 4 News and the story is expected to air on the Noon and/or 4 p.m. broadcast.

          Link to KTLA Channel 5 News Coverage. last night (11/13/14)

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