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The Rowland Unified School District promotes, expects, and accepts nothing short of excellence.  We have a collective commitment to be the best school district in California.

Rowland USD Once Again Outpaces the State in Student Proficiency
The goal of the Rowland Unified School District is to ensure that all of our students pass the California High School Exit Exam, earn a high school diploma and have the skills and abilities to be successful in the next endeavor of their lives.  With this vision, our evaluation yardstick is not against any other isolated district, but versus the overall performance of the State of California.  
Overall, the State API grew 6 points to 727 and the graduation rate dropped 2% to 83%.  Rowland Unified Students once again scored significantly above the state in both of these indicators with a 757 API (30 points higher!) and 98.5% graduation rate (15.5% higher!).
State Superintendent Jack O’Connell has outlined statewide concerns about the achievement gap and we in Rowland are proud to report that every single subgroup has grown over the past 7 years.   Rowland achievements are even more noteworthy when it is recognized that district student mobility rate (students not continuously enrolled) is slightly higher than that of the State of California.  The attached chart shows Rowland USD’s lead in proficiency by subgroup when compared to the State of California and demonstrates our commitment to continue to close the achievement gap for all students.

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