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Rowland Performing Arts Center Update

(12-3-13) Rowland Performing Arts Center Update: The Rowland Unified School District is currently in the design process to build a new performing arts center that will be utilized by the community and housed on the Rowland High School campus. The performing arts center is part of the more than 120,000 square feet of new buildings planned for the Rowland High School revitalization project, including a new two-story classroom building, library and administration building and Multipurpose “Hideout” Room.

            The performing arts facility will serve both as a performance space and as an instructional facility. A community meeting was held on October 22, 2013 to provide design input. A Performing Arts advisory meeting was formed with five representatives selected by the Principals from both Nogales and Rowland High School that includes teachers, students, parents and administration. The representatives met last night, December 3, 2013, with the architect to review and discuss further design features of the theater, including classroom, equipment, and storage space needs for band, choral and drama departments.

            NEXT STEPS: The Advisory Committee along with an expanded group of PTA, community and Board of Education members will meet in January to review final proposed plans.  


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