Art allows us to express ourselves, but it can also earn you college credit at Nogales High School. Just ask the Rowland Unified students that opening Eudora's Box at Puente Hills Mall this past weekend.

"This is the third year the mall has given us space for our senior art exhibit," said instructor Jim Ellison. "Our International Baccalaureate candidates earn college credit for their artwork."

The opening reception was held Saturday in Store 101 on the upper level next to Sears.

"We're building a runway outside for a fashion show at 7 p.m. with outfits designed by one of our students. Ruby Barajas has made more than a dozen designs for her fashion project," Ellison said.

The two-week exhibition

Patrons view "Day-Mare" by Kimberly Smith during the opening reception of "Eudora's Box," (Correspondent Photo by James Carbone)
will feature original short films, photography, ceramic sculpture, acrylic on canvas paintings, mixed media and fashion designs. The works showcase the talent of more than a dozen seniors in Nogales High's award-winning visual arts program.

Inside, visitors can see college-level one-person art exhibits. The artwork is very emotional, exposing the thoughts and feelings of the young artists. We talked to some as they set up their exhibits.

"My photos tell the story of my life," said 17-year-old Karina Garcia. "I used them to express my feelings and found comfort and peace, too."

"A Sky You Can Feel" begins with many dark, moody photos titled "Loneliness" and "Insecurity."

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