The California Department of Education on Thursday released recalculated scores of how schools are performing academically, with some school districts experiencing increased scores and others seeing decreases.

Each year, schools and school districts are assigned a score between 200 and 1,000 on the Academic Performance Index, which is a composite of several measures, including the results of standardized tests.

All schools and districts are given the goal of reaching at least 800 on the API, and are expected to increase their score each year.

The scores released on Thursday were a revised version of the scores released last summer for the 2010-11 school year. This time around, they include the scores of geometry tests taken by students in high school and junior high, among other changes.

Under the new formula, most districts around the San Gabriel Valley and Whittier area saw their numbers improve. A few had no change in score, and several saw slight decreases.

"There was a little bit of an adjustment," said Brian Huff, learning director for Rowland Unified. "This happens every year because there's always some kind of tweak to the calculation."

Rowland Unified actually saw its API score drop by one point under the new formula, to 791, which is still very close to the 800 goal set by the state.

"We're pleased with our combined progress over the last several years, so we're looking forward to steady growth,"Huff said.

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