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Nogales High School Teaches College-Level Automotive Technology

Nogales High School teaches college-level automotive technology

Nogales High School Automotive Instructor Mike McCarthy (c.) shows students how to adjust the carburetor on an engine set up in the department’s SuperFlow SF-902 engine dynamometer chamber.

Nogales High School automotive students watch as Automotive Instructor Mike McCarthy explains the operation of the department’s SuperFlow AutoDyn 30 chassis dyno that tests four-wheel-drive and all-wheel- drive vehicles.

Marco Dominguez, a student in Nogales High School’s advanced automotive class, prepares to run a test on an Acura using the department’s SuperFlow AutoDyn 30 chassis dyno.

Mike McCarthy (l.), automotive instructor at Nogales High School, discusses how to determine the cause of a fouled spark plug with some of his advanced automotive students.

Students in the advanced automotive class at Nogales High School take turns mounting and balancing tires and wheels.

La Puente, Calif.—Nogales High School, in the Rowland Unified School District, is an award-winning school that boasts a 2,400-square-foot, state-of-the-art automotive technology facility comparable to those found in colleges and the industry, Principal Nancy Padilla said.

 “We serve a diverse community, which strengthens our capacity to support the success of our students with top-notch instructors and facilities,” she said.

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