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Community Invited to Open House for Free After-School Athletics Program for At-Risk Youth WED. APRIL 27 6:30 PM


Seadevils Water Polo One Year Celebration

LA PUENTE, CA – APRIL 25, 2011 – With the goal to tackle childhood obesity by offering San Gabriel at-risk youth the chance to participate in team sports with no fee, the successful Seadevils Youth Water Polo program invites the community to its’ one year celebration on Wednesday, April 27 at 6:30 p.m. at the Nogales High School Pool. Watch these young boy and girl athletes from ages 10 to 15 scrimmage and stay for an exciting exhibition match between the CIF Champion Nogales High School Boys Water Polo Team and their archrivals, the Rowland High School Raiders!

The newly renamed community youth fitness and education program called C.A.S.A. Athletics (Children’s Advantage in Sports and Academics) has parents and athletes come together to learn the importance of health, education and teamwork. C.A.S.A. encourages parents to take a more active role in the health and nutrition of their families by asking parents to volunteer three hours per session. (Volunteering can consist of helping coaches, working the snack bar, assisting at open houses, attending nutritional classes, fundraising, etc.).

The Seadevils Water Polo Program takes place twice a week, a 120 minute session. Children participate in the program for two six-week sessions. Athletes and parents are given a pre- and post- test survey regarding the child’s self-esteem, competency, and compassion. Children also participate in a pre- and post-BMI and Health Fitness Zone (HFZ) tests to assess physical fitness standards.

“We have had more than 175 registrations so far this year and the results are exciting,” said Timothy Tobin, Seadevils General Manager and Head Coach for the Nogales Noble Aquatics Program. “Of the participants tested in the first session, Seadevils athletes showed a decrease in body fat via skin fold test, an increased fitness level and an improved time in a 25 yard swim. Some children swam up to 68% faster at the session’s conclusion!”

Child obesity is on the rise and more children are struggling to pass the basic physical fitness standards required by the state. Reports also show that children living in economically disadvantaged areas engage less in outdoor play. C.A.S.A. Athletics goal is to reach out to the 60% of children in the San Gabriel Valley community that are participating in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program and attack the problem of child obesity head on.

C.A.S.A. Athletics is seeking community sponsorship and encourages everyone to come see the program in action. The Nogales High School Pool is located at 401. S. Nogales Street in La Puente. For more information, please contact Timothy Tobin at (626) 965-3437 or at

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