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Rowland's Burt Retires After Decade of Service

Rowland's Burt retires after decade of service
By Richard Irwin Staff Writer
11/19/2009 Highlander

From school aide to PTA president to longtime member of the school board, Gloria Burt has served the Rowland Unified School District for more than three decades.

Now the 68-year-old says its time to slow down a little, so she's retiring from the school board after 10 years.

"I think my last board meeting on Nov. 10 will be bittersweet. I'm proud of what I've accomplished, but it will be sad to leave all my friends in the district," Burt said.

Over the years, the La Puente woman said she's become friends with parents, students and staff throughout the sprawling district.

"My friends include teachers and principals, as well as many classified employees and aides," Burt said.

The well-spoken board member noted that one of her primary goals has always been parent participation in their schools.

Burt practiced what she preached, assuming many leadership roles in the PTA as her two children grew up in Rowland Unified.

Her roles included president of the Rorimer Elementary PTA, secretary of Rincon Intermediate PTA and president of the Rowland Council PTA.

"I helped start and became the charter president of the Nogales High School PTSA," Burt added.

She even worked in the district as a noon aide at Rincon for 12 years.

"I loved working with the kids, that's what it's all about," Burt said.

Through her work in her kids' schools, the young mother began attending school board meetings.

"I always went to the meetings. And I thought to myself `I'd love to be one of those people someday,"' Burt recalled.

She got her chance when she was appointed to fill a vacancy on the school board. Later, Burt ran for another term, beginning in 2005.
Photo: Gloria Burt looks at some of the new library books donated in her name by the Rowland Unified School Board. (Gina Ward / Rowland Unified)
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