Rowland Unified School District

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Welcome to Rowland Unified! We have family-friendly schools and we are committed to serving our students and families!

*REGISTRATION FOR 2015/16 SCHOOL: Packets available at all school sites starting Tuesday, Feb. 17!

**RUSD SCHOOL TOUR DAY: Visit any of our schools on FEBRUARY 24, 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM** Registration packets can be returned for processing starting Wednesday, February 25.

For Rowland Registration information call (626)935-8260 (assistance is available in English, Chinese, Korean and Spanish).

To locate which school is your home school, click onMySchoolLocator and type in your address.  

If you are interested in enrolling your child in our District and you reside outside the District boundaries, please contact your home school district to fill out an inter-district form.

For other questions, please contact Pupil Services which is located at the Community Day School, two buildings South of the District Office at 1928 S. Nogales Street, in Rowland Heights at (626) 935-8203.