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2016-17 District Direction and Focus Areas

Rowland Unified School District


2016/17 District Direction and Focus Areas



District Direction 1:  Academic Achievement for All Students

Provide comprehensive, well-rounded, and rigorous educational experiences to all students, which are supported by engaging teaching strategies and sustained by high-quality professional development for staff, leading all schools and subgroups to meet or exceed growth targets.


Focus Area 1.1:  Bring our instruction into alignment with the California State Standards and deliver curriculum to students in a rigorous and balanced format that fosters critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills through diverse learning opportunities for all students.


Focus Area 1.2:  Support English Learners through Designated and Integrated ELD content classes, language-rich learning environments, and full access to core classes.


Focus Area 1.3:  Establish systems and structures for academic intervention to support student achievement at all levels.  


District Direction 2: College and Career Readiness/21st Century Skills

Prepare all students for college and careers with integration of 21st century skills.


Focus Area 2.1:  Increase the student graduation rate.


Focus Area 2.2:  Increase the percentage of graduates who complete A-G and enroll in AP/IB, honors courses.


Focus Area 2.3:  Expand and enhance Career Technical Education and STEAM courses and activities throughout the District.


District Direction 3:  Communicate and Collaborate

The Rowland Unified School District is committed to a culture of collaboration and open, transparent communication to assure accurate, timely information, which will engage, inform, and educate all stakeholders.


Focus Area 3.1:  Develop and refine avenues and practices for effective communication and collaboration between and among District staff, students, parents, and community.


Focus Area 3.2:  Revise the Board of Education meeting Agenda format to allow for increased information to our stakeholders regarding the business of the District.


Focus Area 3.3:  Ensure effective communication between the District and staff, parents, and the community members through the District and school site websites, the RUSD mobile application, RUSD E-news, Let’s Talk, Connect Ed messages, and print and social media, including email, Twitter, and Facebook.


District Direction 4:  Fiscal Responsibility and Facilities

Responsibly manage and allocate financial resources to maximize students' educational experiences while closely monitoring the budget and enrollment, making timely adjustments to staffing, services, programs, and budgets to maintain District solvency.  Develop plans to provide, safe and clean facilities on both a short- and long-term basis that appropriately and effectively houses the programmatic needs of our students.


Focus Area 4.1:  Design, develop, and implement the annual budget and multi-year plan to support a high quality instructional program for students which meets the state funding model requirements and ensures the fiscal stability of the District.


Focus Area 4.2: Provide learning environments that foster student success and achievement by formulating and implementing a long-range facility master plan to meet the needs of the District.


Focus Area 4.3:  Increase operating efficiencies through the implementation of technology systems, including a system for position control and other systems supporting efficient utilization of resources.


Focus Area 4.4:  Provide timely communication and oversight for all fiscal and budget matters as well as all facilities projects.


District Direction 5:  Student and Staff Safety and Wellness

District and school plans, educational programs, and operational procedures will promote the health and safety of our students and staff.


Focus Area 5.1:  Teach and reinforce character development as an integral component in educating the total child.


Focus Area 5.2:  Provide professional development to best prepare staff to respond in the event of a natural disaster or emergency.


Focus Area 5.3:  Refine emergency drills and simulations to strengthen the response plan at school sites and the District Office.


Focus Area 5.4:  Establish a District-wide behavior intervention system that actively promotes student engagement and academic achievement.


Focus Area 5.5:  Assess the needs at each site to provide a safe and secure setting for all students and staff.


Focus Area 5.6:  Provide nutritious and appealing meals that comply with all statutory requirements.


District Direction 6:  Leadership

An exemplary school district has strong leadership at all levels of the organization that is committed to providing a world-class educational experience for all students and is dedicated to improving student achievement, as well as promoting collaboration and creativity among students, staff, parents, and the community.


Focus Area 6.1:  Promote and implement the direction of the District and the District’s Vision.


Focus Area 6.2:  Recruit, hire, and retain the highest quality staff for all positions in the District.


Focus Area 6.3:  Provide professional development and growth opportunities for District leaders to engage in continuous improvement efforts.


Focus Area 6.4:  Establish Professional Learning Communities to promote instructional leadership and positive district culture.


Focus Area 6.5:  Facilitate stakeholder participation in the decision-making process.


Focus Area 6.6:  Celebrate the achievements of all staff and students and work to ensure the acceptance of diverse populations.


Approved by the Board of Education, June 28, 2016