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RUSD Elementary Classroom Music Program for Students in Grades 4-6 (2017-18)

In order for your student to be placed in the correct music class for the 2017-18 school year, we are requesting that you help your student choose the class that best fits their interest.




Dear RUSD Elementary Parent,


As we begin our transition to the summer, Rowland Unified looks forward to providing another exciting school year of music education for our elementary students in the 2017-2018 school year. 

ALL RUSD students (grades 1-6) are going to participate in different musical experiences. 

When students enter 4th grade, they will have a choice of continuing to learn more about General Music with a recorder and choir emphasis OR learn to play a string instrument.  When students enter 5th grade, they will have the choice to participate in either General Music (Choir), continue in strings if they played in 4th grade or Band class. Finally, when students enter 6th grade, they will only be able to join General Music (Choir) if they do not have any prior instrumental background.  All students are encouraged to stay with an instrument as long as possible to gain the necessary skills to be a better instrumentalist.  The music expansion program offers the flexibility for students to choose what music path best suits their learning style and interests while providing them with a dedicated weekly, 50 minute music class of their choosing.

Once your form is complete and successfully submitted, we will try our very best to accommodate your student’s music class choice based on availability.   Be sure to complete the Class Selection Form no later than Friday, May 26, 2017.   If you are unable to complete the Class Selection Form online, please pick up a hard copy of the Music Selection form from your school office. 

Students who DO NOT complete the Music Class Selection form by Friday, May 26, will be placed in the next available class. 

Please feel free to contact the Educational Services office at 626-854-8348 if you have any questions regarding the music program.

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